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New Expansion: The Awakening
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:09:17 AM »
So I was spaming up hatebox so I thought I would just make a forum post. Here is chat log on what I said are big deals (with a bit of chat with indy about it in there):

[Today at 12:33:30 PM] Zoogy:
[Today at 12:34:41 PM] Zoogy: CAN'T WAIT SOO MUCH NEW GOOD STUFF
[Today at 12:34:53 PM] Zoogy: Everyone that cares about PoE needs to check it out
[Today at 12:34:57 PM] Zoogy: Quite a few new things
[Today at 12:35:22 PM] Zoogy: Like fucking socketing gems into passive tree
[Today at 12:43:33 PM] indczn: heh
[Today at 12:46:08 PM] Zoogy: Also:
[Today at 12:46:13 PM] Zoogy: Fucking crazy stuff coming
[Today at 12:47:02 PM] Zoogy: unique jewels that you put into the passive tree:
[Today at 12:47:03 PM] Zoogy: Lioneye’s Fall converts melee and melee weapon type modifiers within its radius into bow modifiers, allowing particularly strong nodes near a jewel socket to be converted for bow users.
[Today at 12:47:16 PM] Zoogy: Dark Thoughts allows enemies to have an additional curse if at least 60 intelligence is allocated within the jewel’s radius.
[Today at 12:47:30 PM] Zoogy: Fluid Motion converts all strength nodes within a large radius to dexterity nodes,
[Today at 12:47:40 PM] Zoogy:   Selfless Leadership applies all allocated passives within its radius to your minions, instead of the Exile.
[Today at 12:47:53 PM] Zoogy: This includes keystones, so be ready for some very strong summoners.
[Today at 12:48:03 PM] Zoogy: ntuitive Leap allows any passive within the radius to be allocated without previously being connected in the tree.
[Today at 12:48:14 PM] Zoogy: Intuitive*
[Today at 12:48:18 PM] indczn: sounds likea  fuckton of powercreep
[Today at 12:48:35 PM] indczn: :/
[Today at 12:48:50 PM] Zoogy: Well they also said they are totally rebalancing everything
[Today at 12:49:00 PM] indczn: aye
[Today at 12:49:14 PM] indczn: we shall see, i clicked the beta button
[Today at 12:49:20 PM] Zoogy: So its not like they are just adding a lot more powerful shit in
[Today at 12:49:56 PM] Zoogy: I mean there are good ways and bad ways of adding powerful new stuff in and arpgs love adding new stuff like that. We will have to see how GGG does it
[Today at 12:50:28 PM] Zoogy: Wow
[Today at 12:50:30 PM] Zoogy: "he Awakening boasts 70 new unique items, 20 of which are unique jewels"
[Today at 12:50:41 PM] Zoogy: and sorry for all the spam
[Today at 12:51:25 PM] indczn: no worries
[Today at 12:51:35 PM] indczn: ill play the new patch a bit, see whats changed
[Today at 12:53:45 PM] Zoogy: Here we go indy some news you should like " a rework of rare weapon modifiers to bring them back to preeminence against unique weapons."
[Today at 12:57:13 PM] Zoogy: OH MY GOD! "GGG have been hard at work rewriting Path of Exile’s netcode"

Some more stuff: "The Awakening bring a large number of QoL tweaks to the core game, from health and mana bars over the players head to in-game timers, experience per hour indicators, advanced item filters and many more."

"One of these items is a dagger called The Consuming Dark which converts a percentage of fire damage to chaos damage, and allows your chaos damage to poison. Also teased was a new unique bow which casts socketed minion gems on kill, allowing for a completely new playstyle for summoners."

I'll add more as I read more.

Edit: Gamespot vid:

Ok GGG has a list of all the news coverage :

Something I would like to make clear: All this wont be totally out for 6-8 weeks. If you get into CB it will only be a week but if not... Well your fucked. Now I'm off to go make some sacrifices to GGG cya later
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