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Re: Firefall Patch!!!
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2012, 05:59:42 AM »
Ahhh, gotcha  (Y)


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Re: Firefall Patch!!!
« Reply #16 on: November 25, 2012, 07:48:25 AM »
Anyways what time(s) are you guys free?
Can we get this guy a "thread necromancer" member status or something?


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Re: Firefall Patch!!!
« Reply #17 on: December 18, 2012, 04:43:09 PM »
Another big patch hot off the presses:

Quote from: Phobos, post: 1596248, member: 3
New Items Available in New You and Luau Larry's
Celebrate the holidays with these special new items for a limited time.
Updated the installer to be more streamlined.
If you are still having problems with the installer, we are testing a new version and could use your help.
Please check out the Beta Forums for more details.
Chosen Encounter Changes
Reduced frequency of drop pods
Increased length of time towers remain under Accord control before Chosen can take them back.
Volume for watchtower defense systems VO turned town.
Players are no longer blocked from thumping in Chosen space. That was a temporary mechanic we had in place to prove tech that we’ll be using in more interesting ways in the future.
Temporarily disabled Docks Watchtower in order to keep the newbie area a little less hostile for the time being. Will be turned back on in the future.
Chosen AI Improvements
Chosen Assault
Reduce damage per bullet slightly
Reduced clip size by half
Increased reload time slightly
Chosen Juggernaut
Reduced damage slightly
Increase splash damage radius slightly
Reduced clip size slightly
Increased reload time slightly
Various bug fixes and navigation improvements
Map / UI
Watchtowers have their own icons now
Accord controlled POIs / Watchtowers have a blue icon now instead of a white one
PvP Matchmaker Changes
Orbital Comm Tower will now start with 5v5 and backfill up to 7v7.
Blackwater Harvester will now start with 8v8 and backfill up to 12v12.
Prioritizes backfilling games still in warmup mode to prevent long delays in starting matches.
Changed the algorithm for skill search to hopefully create better skill-based matches with players inside the same skill range.
Removed the XP bonus from Team Deathmatch maps.
Increased the XP bonus for queuing for Blackwater Harvester.
We will no longer backfill games that are near completion.
Battleframe Changes
Increased Tier 2 constraint limits to 1000 and decreased all constraints to 1/10th of previous meaning there is effectively no more constraints system.
This is a temporary change to allow players to test out all types of equipment while we fix the constraints system and separate PvP from PvE gear.
Damage per bullet increased from 30 to 35.
Clip size increased from 200 to 250.
Tesla rifle miss penalty has been modified to incentivize better aim.
Increased the time it takes to fully charge a tesla rifle from 1 second to 2 seconds.
Removed the small(700ms) delay before Tesla rifle reloads.
Gameplay Changes
Gliders will now automatically deploy at the apex of the jump and will boost you forward slightly.
Elemental damage types are now available.
You can craft Ammo Chambers that will appear in your calldown menu to change your ammo type for a limited time.
Ammo Chambers are not usable in PvP.
Squad members can now invite to squad. The request is sent to the squad leader to confirm.
Squads are now limited to 5 maximum players.
Replaced many of the starting missions to provide a better "tutorial" experience for new users.
This is still a temporary mechanism while we work on a full-featured new user experience.
The Melding Acolyte returned to the melding. Fear his return.
Base health increased to 1.5 million (from 1 million)
Time to ramp difficulty increased to 25s (up from 15s)
Gained a new ability “Energy Drain” ability - draining all player energy and stopping all energy regen for 3 seconds
Meldingmatter shielded FX changed to look more different than non-shielded state
SIN card now says, “Shielded” when the Baneclaw is shielded
Killing the Baneclaw rewards the player who used the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer a very special reward.
Killing the Baneclaw rewards all players 1x Melded Calcium Carbonate (will be used in future printing)
Melding Spikes Attack
Now hits targets 26 meters above and 26 meters below his position
Damage increased to 900 (up from 800)
Improvements to the pre-activation-warning visual effects
Changed the timing on when spikes are used
No longer grant XP rewards
Now look more melding-ish
Health increased to 1250, up from 435
Now spawn in the entire dome rather than only right next to the Baneclaw
Base number of spawns reduced to 12 down from 18
Melding Dome
Players can now re-enter the dome after dying
Cannot shoot in
XP rewards are now 35k per player if a group of 25 or less kills him, but ( 875,000 / # of participating players) if 26 or more players do so. (Ex. 25 players kill him, each gets 35k XP, if 50 players kill him, each player only gets 17.5K XP)
Baneclaw now gains 5% bonus health for each player above 25 players
Difficulty ramping occurs faster for every player above 25 (Max ramp speed is once every 3 seconds. Putting him at max difficulty in about 1 min)
Melding Anomaly
Melding Fields have been renamed Melding Anomalies
Melding Anomalies respawn after 5 minutes, up from 1 minute
Updated Melding Anomaly spawn location area so that it cannot spawn behind walls or on cliffs
Bug fixes
Fixed a bug where certain abilities would move the Baneclaw causing unintended behavior in the encounter
Fixed a bug where Baneclaw's Melding Dome could take damage
Fixed a bug that was causing the melding field not to trigger the fight
Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t get hit by spikes when you were standing below them
Melding Repulsor
Using a Repulsor Amplifier now costs an Amplifier Crystite Core, a crafted item - make some today if you want to go repulsin'!
Can be used unlimited number of times without a large cooldown, but now require a short 90 second cooling period
Duration increased to 5:45 seconds
Repulsor Amplifier changed positions – the melding can be pushed back to the same max distance, but the melding collapses further into New Eden than before.
Item, Crafting, and Nanoprints
Battleframe power, weight, and CPU constraints have been temporarily increased to 100,000 so that players can equip and test all of their gear
AzuriteCY Terminal Core
Nanoprint gives out 1x AzruiteCY Terminal Core (down from 5x)
Cost changed to 1000x AzuriteCY, 50x Crystite, (previously 125x AzruiteCY, 250x Crystite)
Mobile Battleframe Station nanoprint cost decreased to 5x Azurite Terminal Cores (down from 20x)
Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (formerly Melding Field Destabilizer) costs changed to 100,000x Crystite, 1x Crystalline Crystite Engine, 10x Azruite Terminal Cores, 3x Advanced MPUs (from 100,000x Crystite, 10x Crystalline Crystite Engine, 5x Azruite Terminal Cores, 3x Advanced MPUs)
Renamed the components gathered from melding creatures and those involved in destroying Melding Anomalies (formerly Melding Fields)
Adjusted costs required to build Items involved in printing an Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (formerly Melding Field Destabilizer Capsule)
Low Grade Sonic Detonators name changed to Ratchet's Detonators
New Recipe - Pack of Amplifier Crystite Cores (5) – costs 10k crystite, 1 metallic casing, 1 polymorphous fiber, 2500 Quartzite
Fixed an issue where it was possible that the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer would consume it’s Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell even though there wasn’t a Melding Anomaly nearby
Added new dynamic content, SIN Imprints. Find them around the world and interact with them for more information.
Improved vehicle collision detection. Should help prevent unexpected damage and allow NPCs to be damaged by vehicles.
Added a respawn camera that flies to the spawn point from the spot of death if the spawn point is different than previous spawn point.
Surface deposits now have sin cards.
Melding Tornado Updates:
When a Melding Shard is destroyed during, the overall lifetime of the Melding Tornado is increased. This should allow the encounter to be completed by smaller numbers of players.
Melding creatures spawned by the Melding Tornado now drop bits for crafting the Baneclaw bits.
Added “Accord Ammo Credit” to all players. The “Accord Ammo Credit” is a permanent, low-grade calldown that can be utilized every 10 minutes.
UI Changes
You can now use [ and ] to rotate between calldowns in the 4th ability slot.
Added an important message box to the login page to notify users of emergency issues.
Tutorial tips will not appear if you have already demonstrated that you know how to do the action requested.
Tutorial tips should no longer queue up any more.
The player known as Juggernaught can now receive squad invites.
Updates to achievement UI.
Changes to SIN card and waypoint displays in world space.
Added the ability to set PvP video settings separate from PvE video settings.
Added option to remove weapon and hands from first person view.
Squad leader has a new icon.
Cleaned up the minimap so that it doesn't show holes in the terrain and performs better overall.
Chat will no longer fadeout if you are afk, it will fade out once you come back from afk.
Updated art for achievement pop ups.
Updated loading screens with new accord logo.
You will now get a chat message and sound when friends go online or offline.
Certification tooltips have much more concise descriptions.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with the sniper scope sensitivity not scaling properly.
Fixed multiple client crashes.
Missions should no longer be pushed while in a PvP map.
Fixed issues with Eyefinity/Surround support.
Challenge matches should no longer get mixed up with public queues.
Fixes for multiple issues with AMD video cards.
Fixed an issue where you would not be requeued if one person declined the match.
Fixed an issue that was causing the Signal Scanning event not to start up properly.
Fix for some keys not binding correctly on some keyboards.

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Re: Firefall Patch!!!
« Reply #18 on: January 03, 2013, 06:55:05 AM »
are they done with char wipes or will that still happen?
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Re: Firefall Patch!!!
« Reply #19 on: January 03, 2013, 10:01:31 AM »
are they done with char wipes or will that still happen?

Sort of. They wont be wiping XP any more. Anything else they can wipe but they are trying not too unless they really really have too. Also there are a few things they have said they will wipe like the achievements because they are still working on the main parts of those systems.
Can we get this guy a "thread necromancer" member status or something?


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