Author Topic: Disney bought Lucasfilm and plans to make Star Wars movies Also owns game rights  (Read 8808 times)

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Edit: I'm surprised MK hasn't said peep in this topic.   :o

MK's having some home IT issues, so has 'gone Indczn' lately, mostly just using Hatebox.

I think it's fucking great! Lucas wasn't going to make any more movies, at least not on any identifiable timeline. Disney, however, very much will. That's a win.

I'm as passionate a fan of eps 4-6 as any 35 year old scifi fan. More, probably. I was playing the pnp game when mmo's were just a gleam in Al Gore's eye. I paid for a good chunk of college selling off my massive collection of original-release toys. My living room has a distinct Darth Vader theme. I've enjoyed the EU storylines, played some SWtOR. Hell, I was Boba Fett for Halloween this year, and have mulled getting a Mandalorian tattoo for years.

You know what else I'm a fan of? Eps 1-3. Fuckin aye.

Of course, I don't appreciate every aspect, story arc or character - but I didn't like everything about the originals either.

I believe many fans from my generation were miffed with eps 1-3 because they were, quite obviously, NOT the target audience. Lucas was aiming at our kids. Oh noes! And he did it with the same marketing mastery that snagged all us old peoples the first go-round.

I make this assertion with the benefit of 11 years of close, firsthand observation of the second biggest Star Wars fan I know of -the my daughter. Lucas wasn't necessarily shunning us oldies with eps 1-3,  but he did very specifically reach out to a NEW core audience, same as the old one, the kids. The fucking kids. They did him right the first time -in if iti aint broke, why fix it?

Personally, I too find whole swaths of eps 1-3 painful and regrettable. How could I not? But I see how my daughter reacts to the characters, and it all makes fucking. How'd Roger Water's say: it all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollar amd cents, pounds, shillings and pence.

I may even argue eps 1-3 are rendered nearly-irrelevant in the wake of the cgi Clone Wars series. Of this, I am a huge fucming fan! Both my kid and me may ne bigger fans of the CW series than we are of any of the movies. The characters and storylines and franchises launched with this series are uniquely appealing. Suffice to say, Ventress could kick Vader's ass with both hands tied behind her back - and Cad Bane wouldn't need to shoot first, he would have had a team of snipers in place days beforehand, along with a clever backup plan involving jet boots and witty rhetoric.

Analysis: Disney buying Lucas Films is great news! Lucas wasn't going to make more movies - he just wasn't.  Disney will. And they've 'promised' to retain the creative team behind Clone Wars. That, eight there, is enough to redeem any past transgressions inflicted on the franchise. It also gives new hope ;) that yet another generation of fans may come along in the future.
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red hair mermaid yum.

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red hair mermaid yum.



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Maybe it is just from seeing enough hentai but I wouldn't mind the fact that part of her is a fish. I mean it could be a lot worse. I was going to explain how it could be worse but I don't think you guys would want to hear that.
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I totally agree with Zoogy.
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Disney will make more money for Star Wars. ;)


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