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Firefall / New gameplay video
« on: July 29, 2011, 05:23:23 PM »
holy shit  :o


Firefall / Korean press event QA transcript
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:38:03 AM »
Firefall was in Korea this weekend showing off the game, these are the questions and answers from that event. Phobos (Matt Dewald, community manager) is transcribing the answers James Macauley (VP of development) is giving at the event in the firefall IRC channel.

Forum thread HERE

[01:37] <[R5S]Phobos2> Question about hardware requirements
[01:37] <[R5S]Phobos2> James is saying we are still optimizing, but that we do most of our testing on 9800 cards
[01:37] <[R5S]Phobos2> And that we will optimize for even lower as we can

[01:40] <[R5S]Phobos2> Question about Battleframes and progression
[01:40] <[R5S]Phobos2> James explaining that we have more battleframes
[01:40] <[R5S]Phobos2> And that we plan to announce a new battleframe at ChinaJoy
[01:41] <[R5S]Phobos2> And he is explaining item pickups and customization of battleframes

[01:41] <[R5S]Phobos2> Now question about open beta
[01:42] <[R5S]Phobos2> James is explaining that we are going to grow beta over time
[01:42] <[R5S]Phobos2> Mostly limited by making sure our server hardware can support everything properly
[01:42] <[R5S]Phobos2> And that this fall, we plan to include PvE content in the beta program

[01:43] <[R5S]Phobos2> Question about combat size
[01:43] <[R5S]Phobos2> James explaining that this map is our smallest to focus on quick combat
[01:44] <[R5S]Phobos2> Some of our other maps are much larger
[01:44] <[R5S]Phobos2> We are working on a map right now that we'll be revealing at PAX Prime
[01:44] <[R5S]Phobos2> Harvester style map where armies are competing to collect resources
[01:44] <[R5S]Phobos2> Much larger

[01:45] <[R5S]Phobos2> Question about vehicles
[01:45] <[R5S]Phobos2> James referring to video where we saw vehicles
[01:45] <[R5S]Phobos2> James is very excited about vehicles and vehicular combat, but that we want to make sure that is fun
[01:46] <[R5S]Phobos2> And that it doesn't imbalance combat with battleframes

[01:47] <[R5S]Phobos2> Question about e-sports
[01:47] <[R5S]Phobos2> We want to make sure that combat system is balanced and fair
[01:47] <[R5S]Phobos2> In game features that support eSports and facilitates matchmaking
[01:47] <[R5S]Phobos2> Leaderboards, ladders, etc
[01:48] <[R5S]Phobos2> In-game tourneys and leagues
[01:48] <[R5S]Phobos2> Spectator mode for broadcasting games
[01:49] <[R5S]Phobos2> (Phobos here, we're not using ELO straight up. I'll try to have one of the designers write something up later to go over our plans)
[01:49] <[R5S]Phobos2> (it's still something in design so nothing final yet)

[01:50] <[R5S]Phobos2> Movement abilities are one continuous experience
[01:51] <[R5S]Phobos2> Comments about space bar being both jump and jump jets
[01:51] <[R5S]Phobos2> Suggestion to split out jumping and jump jets

[01:51] <[R5S]Phobos2> Request for melee
[01:51] <[R5S]Phobos2> We're still working on melee attack
[01:51] <[R5S]Phobos2> We don't want players to spend all their time trying to sneak up and backstab players
[01:52] <[R5S]Phobos2> The ui shows there's an input for it, but it's not implemented
[01:52] <[R5S]Phobos2> James doing a survey on who wants melee
[01:52] <[R5S]Phobos2> Only 1 doesn't

[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> Regarding genre of game
[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> We started out with a goal to make the best online shooter
[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> First and foremost, we are a solid shooter
[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> We wanted to add to it a lot of features we love from other genres
[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> We have elements from mmos, rpgs and even rts
[01:55] <[R5S]Phobos2> We have a lot of features from other games, but we're first and foremost a shooter
[01:56] <[R5S]Phobos2> Over the years, we'll add things that create a better overall experience
[01:56] <[R5S]Phobos2> Armies, text chat, friends lists, etc are all features we added to the shooter that came from the mmo genre
[01:56] <[R5S]Phobos2> Combat has to be on par with world class shooters

[01:56] <[R5S]Phobos2> Solo play question
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> You can absolutely solo
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> Matching for PvP by yourself
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> Or in the open world you can complete missions without other people if you choose
(here, James mentioned the names of a couple creatures we hadn't heard yet, including "Melding Beetles" and "Roaches")
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> That said, it's fun to play with your friends
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> We designed a lot of features and abilities that benefit from playing with your friends
[01:57] <[R5S]Phobos2> We'll continue to add features that benefit that

[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> Revenue model
[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> No subscription
[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> Absolutely free
[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> All content free
[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> Learning lessons from other Korean and Asian shooters. Figuring out what works best
[01:58] <[R5S]Phobos2> Something that we'll continue to iterate on

[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> Matching system
[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> ELO is a great starting point
[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> But it's great for one on one
[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> In a team based game, you need to combine all users
[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> We have taken some lessons from other shooters
[02:03] <[R5S]Phobos2> And we are iterating ourselves to make sure to create a great system for matchmaking

[02:04] <[R5S]Phobos2> How do we handle 100 players in one map
[02:04] <[R5S]Phobos2> We spent a lot of time on our technology in order to make sure we could do that
[02:04] <[R5S]Phobos2> We built the engine to make sure we could do this from the start
[02:04] <[R5S]Phobos2> Rendering, networking, scoping out players based on distance, etc
[02:04] <[R5S]Phobos2> We've worked a lot on it

Other Games / Dead Island pre-order
« on: July 21, 2011, 05:02:17 AM »
Who wants to go in on a 4 pack?

49.99 for one copy, or 149.97 for 4 copies or 37.50 each

Other Games / Hitman:Absolution
« on: July 15, 2011, 04:55:25 AM »
Sweet!  (Y)

Firefall / Article: Evolve or Die (the free-to-play system)
« on: July 15, 2011, 03:51:23 AM »
An article from The Escapist involving Firefall, f2p games and microtransactions

Firefall / June Dev Diary
« on: July 02, 2011, 03:59:44 PM »
Big news on the story of the game

Other Games / Saint's Row: The Third
« on: July 01, 2011, 03:00:49 AM »

Hellgate / Hellgate:Global Ticket System F.A.Q.
« on: July 01, 2011, 01:46:02 AM »
source for the 'click here' stuff:

Item Introduction (click here)

Game System Guide? (click here)
     - Chat Commands
     - Friend and Ignore List
     - Party Guide
     - Mail System Guide
     - Marketplace Guide
     - Arena Guide

Guild Creation and Information (click here)

Security PIN Problem? (click here - make sure to press the "Reset In-Game Password")

*** Ticket Concerns ***

What is this ticket system?
- This "ticket" would appear as an in-game item that is available in our premium item mall. By using this, it would allow you to have access to Act3 contents till Abyss.

What are the contents that's you can open when you activate one ticket?
- Acts 3-5
- Stonehenge
- 2nd Attack
- Abyss

*** On a side note: There will be no need for a Stonehenge Ticket. To enter a dungeon in Stonehenge, the character needs to talk to the altar near the portal to give 5 essences (the type of essence depends on the dungeon that you would like to enter).

How much would that ticket cost?
- 4000 Tcoins.

Do we have to purchase tickets for every character?
- No, the ticket is good for all 6 characters that you would create in your account. To make things simpler, 1 ticket = 1 account access

Do we have to pay for it monthly or does the ticket have expiration?
- No, the ticket has no expiration and is permanent once the account has been granted access.

Where can I buy the ticket?
- The ticket can be purchased through the in-game item shop. To open the item shop, you can click on the small "Premium Shop" button that is located just below the mini map. You can also use the shortcut key/button - "c".

*** Other Concerns ***

 - Some of the monsters seems to be invisible or transparent. What can I do to resolve it?
 - Here are some possible solution to this particular issue.
          1. Try to repatch the client. (Open Launcher>Check>Repatch)
          2. Try to change some of the graphic/video option like Shader Quality, Texture Detail, and Anisotropic Filtering.
          3. Hellgate Global is only compatible with DirectX 9. If you are using DirectX10 or 11, there's a possibility that you'll
              encounter this issue once in a while.
          4. If you are using an ATI video card, please download this file (ATI hot After downloading the file, extract the contents
              to your Hellgate Global client folder (Default Directory is C:\t3fun\Hellgate)

Will there be a character wipe?
 - There will be no character wipe for this phase (the one that's gonna start this today - June 30, 2011).

How will I charge/load my account with Tcoins?
 - click here

Billing Concerns?
 - Please send us an email to If you encounter a specific error message, please include a screenshot to your email inquiry.

I'm stuck. My character can't get out of a particular area.
 - Type "/stuck" to unstuck your character or warp it to the nearest portal.

I keep on getting this quest from Bioengineer Spence in Holborn Station. He's always gives me a quest to kill Fat Bully.
 - This is normal. The quest "A Leg UP" is a repeatable quest that players can get over and over again.

Is there a way to reset the skill, attributes or expertise points?
  - There is a premium item that you can use to reset the said stats.
            Skills Points        - Skill Initialization
            Attibutes Points   - Ability Initialization (For engineer, drone's attribute points will also be reset)
            Expertise Points  - Expertise Skill Initialization

*** How to .... ***

Reset Field/Map?
 - Press the "Arrow button" that can be seen at the upper left side of the mini map.Reseting a field can be useful in resolving quest item issue, portals and effectively applies the difficulty (Normal, Nightmare) that you chose while in town.

Change the difficulty? (Normal Nightmare)
 - Difficulty can be changed whenever a character is in a station/hub. To change the difficulty, just select your preferred difficulty in the drop down menu that can be found on the upper left side of the mini map.

*** Item Modification ***

What are the type of Mods?
- (click here)

How can I insert the Mod?
 - Just drag the mod to the weapon to insert it (make sure that the weapon has an open slot and you are inserting the right type of mod)

How can I unlock the grayed out Mod slot?
 - At the moment, there's no way to unlock the said mod.

Firefall / Firefall at PAX East! New Info thread!
« on: March 11, 2011, 04:46:00 PM »
Alright guys, here is the start of some fresh news about this game.

PAX East doesn't start until the 11th when the floor officially opens, but Fixious made this post. I think he is the one that got the day-early access to the game and wrote the following breakdown, but I'm not certain.

Well, here ya go! (I did a little proof-reading)

Firefall Hands-On

Since the show floor wasn't technically open, I only got to play a few things so far. In that other request thread, evanvolm requested we cover Firefall. Luckily, that was one of the games I got to play. Executive produce, James Macauley, ran me through a full match. The first public match ever, apparently. I was basically only playing with Red 5 employees, but my team won, and I promise you guys, I held my own. =P

First off, the best way I can describe Firefall is a combination of Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress 2, as a third-person shooter. The game is team-based (though, we played a simply deathmatch, as opposed to anything objective-based), but the gameplay is fast and twitchy, more like UT 2k4. With a Gears-esque twist, when you kill an enemy, they spend about 15-30 seconds dying on the ground. You can either finish them off, or wait for them to die (which causes a longer spawn time). However, their teammates can attempt to revive them to prevent you from scoring.

Movement and maneuverability felt pretty fantastic, with a pretty average running speed, optional sprint (shift key), and a jump. Every character (as far as I know) also sports a jetpack with limited thrust and aerial movement, which recharges rather quickly. Think Halo Reach.

There are three playable classes at PAX. The Assault and Medic classes were already revealed back at PAX Prime. Unfortunately, James very specifically requested that I not leak the third playable class (which will be revealed tomorrow), and I'll obviously respect that wish since he was willing to let me play the game a day early. For the majority of the match, I was the Assault class.

Each character has two weapons, switchable with the 'q' key. The two I had were a pretty standard assault rifle (issued to multiple classes), and what I refer to as a "canon" gun. Its primary fire launches launches an exploding ball of energy, while its secondary fire was more of a shotgun blast. It reminded me a lot of UT's Flak Cannon (though, the energy balls didn't seem to have a dropoff).

The number keys are bound to special character abilities, and the Assault class had three available (I'm not sure if there will be more). The first launches your character into the air, then plummets him down to earth, heavily damaging anyone in the immediate area. It's a great "sticky situation" emergency attack, especially when someone else is all up on your nuts. I'm not entirely sure what the second ability did, besides temporarily speed me up. However, the third ability puts your character in a temporary (30 seconds or so) "overpowered" state, where your guns do significantly more damage. It's great for approaching a crowd of players, and felt super rewarding.

The medic seemed to work a lot like the medic in TF2. His primary weapon is a healing gun, which works just like TF2, while the secondary weapon is the assault rifle. I didn't spend much time with the medic, but it's worth noting that one of his abilities is placing a huge "healing area" down, where teammates can slowly regain health.

My time with Firefall was short (about 20 minutes), and unexpected. I really wish I would have read up more before sitting down with the product. That being said, I had an absolute blast. The map I played on was huge enough that I never found a definite boundary I couldn't pass, and even though I was only playing with about eight other people, we never had trouble finding each other. There's obviously huge emphasis on team-based actions, and sticking close together was definitely the best strategy.

Firefall is free-to-play, something I didn't know before trying it out. That seriously surprised me, as it absolutely had the polish of a retail title (save for some choppy animations). There's in-game leveling and loot collecting, which certainly adds that partial RPG element needed in an MMO title like this. I didn't really have much to ask, and the team was still busy setting up their booth, so I didn't get a chance to ask many questions. However, I, as well as a bunch of other Redditors, will definitely be spending more with it tomorrow, so let me know if there are more specifics you'd like to know.

Source HERE

Off-Topic / I need an SotW image!
« on: February 15, 2011, 07:01:53 AM »
I have a Capital One credit card and I can put my own image on it. I want SotW on my credit card! *geek*

but for some reason the image needs to be a minimum 840 x 840 and not over 10mb.

I was wanting to use something like a stretched version of the banner with the badge I think mcrat? made.

But I want the 3 red stripes running on the side like in the banner, the body of the card to have that black/grey pattern to it, and all the text in the banner to maybe be in the upper left next to the red stripes and the badge "SotW" to be on the upper right corner.

Can anyone help me with this when they have some spare time? I love u long time!  :=(

Fallen Earth / amusing exchange related to FE
« on: February 12, 2011, 04:38:27 PM »
Was checking threads in the Firefall forums and had this little exchange with a fellow, lol

Quote from: Timarius;96709
All of you seem like you could use a hobby....

I'll be busy killing people who try to take my loot in the junkyard while I scavenge parts to make guns to sell to low level players for prices lower than everyone else so that I make a ton of money. (Not in Firefall, if you were worried...)

Quote from: AgentSmith5150;96715
Sounds like Fallen Earth!

Quote from: Timarius;96717
Sounds like you better stay away from my junk or you'll get a few whacks in the face.... I'm watching you, Smith.

Quote from: AgentSmith5150;96733
But I really like junk, so I'll have to take it anyway!


Gaming Deals / Special thread for sexy Steam deals!
« on: November 25, 2010, 05:33:26 AM »
It's starting kids!

We have the Give and Get sale!

along with deals on single copies of games, there are Gift Pack deals

For instance, you can get 10 copies of Half-Life 2 for $19.99 and spread 'em to any friends that don't have it!

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