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Path of Exile / New Expansion: The Awakening
« on: April 11, 2015, 03:09:17 AM »
So I was spaming up hatebox so I thought I would just make a forum post. Here is chat log on what I said are big deals (with a bit of chat with indy about it in there):

[Today at 12:33:30 PM] Zoogy:
[Today at 12:34:41 PM] Zoogy: CAN'T WAIT SOO MUCH NEW GOOD STUFF
[Today at 12:34:53 PM] Zoogy: Everyone that cares about PoE needs to check it out
[Today at 12:34:57 PM] Zoogy: Quite a few new things
[Today at 12:35:22 PM] Zoogy: Like fucking socketing gems into passive tree
[Today at 12:43:33 PM] indczn: heh
[Today at 12:46:08 PM] Zoogy: Also:
[Today at 12:46:13 PM] Zoogy: Fucking crazy stuff coming
[Today at 12:47:02 PM] Zoogy: unique jewels that you put into the passive tree:
[Today at 12:47:03 PM] Zoogy: Lioneye’s Fall converts melee and melee weapon type modifiers within its radius into bow modifiers, allowing particularly strong nodes near a jewel socket to be converted for bow users.
[Today at 12:47:16 PM] Zoogy: Dark Thoughts allows enemies to have an additional curse if at least 60 intelligence is allocated within the jewel’s radius.
[Today at 12:47:30 PM] Zoogy: Fluid Motion converts all strength nodes within a large radius to dexterity nodes,
[Today at 12:47:40 PM] Zoogy:   Selfless Leadership applies all allocated passives within its radius to your minions, instead of the Exile.
[Today at 12:47:53 PM] Zoogy: This includes keystones, so be ready for some very strong summoners.
[Today at 12:48:03 PM] Zoogy: ntuitive Leap allows any passive within the radius to be allocated without previously being connected in the tree.
[Today at 12:48:14 PM] Zoogy: Intuitive*
[Today at 12:48:18 PM] indczn: sounds likea  fuckton of powercreep
[Today at 12:48:35 PM] indczn: :/
[Today at 12:48:50 PM] Zoogy: Well they also said they are totally rebalancing everything
[Today at 12:49:00 PM] indczn: aye
[Today at 12:49:14 PM] indczn: we shall see, i clicked the beta button
[Today at 12:49:20 PM] Zoogy: So its not like they are just adding a lot more powerful shit in
[Today at 12:49:56 PM] Zoogy: I mean there are good ways and bad ways of adding powerful new stuff in and arpgs love adding new stuff like that. We will have to see how GGG does it
[Today at 12:50:28 PM] Zoogy: Wow
[Today at 12:50:30 PM] Zoogy: "he Awakening boasts 70 new unique items, 20 of which are unique jewels"
[Today at 12:50:41 PM] Zoogy: and sorry for all the spam
[Today at 12:51:25 PM] indczn: no worries
[Today at 12:51:35 PM] indczn: ill play the new patch a bit, see whats changed
[Today at 12:53:45 PM] Zoogy: Here we go indy some news you should like " a rework of rare weapon modifiers to bring them back to preeminence against unique weapons."
[Today at 12:57:13 PM] Zoogy: OH MY GOD! "GGG have been hard at work rewriting Path of Exile’s netcode"

Some more stuff: "The Awakening bring a large number of QoL tweaks to the core game, from health and mana bars over the players head to in-game timers, experience per hour indicators, advanced item filters and many more."

"One of these items is a dagger called The Consuming Dark which converts a percentage of fire damage to chaos damage, and allows your chaos damage to poison. Also teased was a new unique bow which casts socketed minion gems on kill, allowing for a completely new playstyle for summoners."

I'll add more as I read more.

Edit: Gamespot vid:

Ok GGG has a list of all the news coverage :

Something I would like to make clear: All this wont be totally out for 6-8 weeks. If you get into CB it will only be a week but if not... Well your fucked. Now I'm off to go make some sacrifices to GGG cya later

Path of Exile / How about a patch day/night SotW party?
« on: October 23, 2013, 10:32:51 AM »
So with the 1.0.0 release patch the new 4 month leagues come out so I was thinking because we would all be starting fresh on the new HC league we could group up. It would also make it easy for us to work out guild stuff because we would all be on.

Edit: I think we will be doing the noob party sometime this weekend.

So last season I asked about party races like the last week of the season so there wasn't much notice and not many options. This time I am asking at the very start. Anyone want to do some party races? As always I have no life so almost any time would be fine to me. The big issue seems to be finding a time where more than just me and one other person can get together that also has a race.

Path of Exile / 24 hour Open Descent just for fun in the between season
« on: August 12, 2013, 10:57:55 PM »
This event is strictly for fun, and offers no prizes or points.

This is an opportunity to try Descent at your own pace. The league will be open for a 24 hour period.

It starts this Saturday at 8 AM eastern US time. I think we should all do it because it allows everyone to have fun with descent without having to worry about racing and allows you to see all the levels. I mean I don't think indy ever got super far ether (much farther than me but not as far as the top people). One of my biggest issues with the one hour descent races was I felt really rushed and I couldn't ever get very far so a 24 hour one is perfect for me.

Path of Exile / Getting together for some party races
« on: August 07, 2013, 05:18:14 PM »
So yeah I know I'm not all that great at races but I was wondering if we could get together for a party race or two. Maybe I could even learn a thing or two about playing races while playing with you pros.

Firefall / Play together sometime tonight or tomorrow?
« on: July 27, 2013, 09:44:52 AM »
So anyone up for playing some Firefall later tonight or tomorrow?

Other Games / Any of you guys play roguelikes?
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:13:05 PM »
So I know many people that play many different types of games but none of them seem to play roguelikes so I have no one to talk with about them. So I was wondering if any of you guys here play roguelikes? If any of you guys do play roguelikes what ones have you played and what ones are you favorite?

Ones I have played (that I could think of off the top of my head):
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead
IVAN and CLIVAN (an IVAN variant)
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Tales of Maj'Eyal (probably better known as its abbreviation: TOME)
UnReal World
Dwarf Fortress (some people count it as a roguelike some people don't)
FLT: Faster Than Light (like DF some people count it as a roguelike some people don't)

My top 3 favorite of those would probably be Elona, Incursion, and TOME in that order.

If any of you are looking to get into roguelikes I would suggest start with TOME or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Firefall / Firefall will enter Open Beta July 9th this year (2013)!
« on: April 19, 2013, 02:00:28 AM »

They also give a few new planed features.

For those that don't want to go to the site or can't:
A huge milestone for us is on the horizon, as we are excited to announce that after years of closed beta testing, Firefall will enter Open Beta on July 9th, 2013! Once the doors swing open on July 9th, gamers from all corners of the globe will be able to explore the world of Firefall, fighting off the Chosen and experiencing skill-based vertical combat found nowhere else!
So what does this mean for current Closed Beta players? Well, in May and again in July we’ll be rolling out new content updates for the game. While these updates will contain bug fixes and refinements of the systems already in the game, they’re also going to be introducing new elements. What are these elements? Well…
Location Fortification Perks: By completing missions specific to particular POIs, you and your friends will be able to unlock bonuses and rewards as they fortify different locations in the game.
Blackwater Anomaly: By fortifying different locations in New Eden, you’ll be able to open a rift to a specialized instance allowing you to take the fight directly to the enemy.
Melding Exploration: Once a location has been fortified, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the deadly Melding cloud which has consumed much of the planet to find out more about where it came from and what we can do to destroy it.

These are just some of the new features we want to have in by Open Beta. During Open Beta we’ll continue to add new content, including new dynamic missions, world-wide in-game events, and the first chapters of our episodic story campaigns.
We’re excited to finally open the gates and make the game available to all. Be sure to check out the FAQ for additional questions about the upcoming Open Beta. Also, if you don’t want to wait until July 9th, you can sign up for immediate beta access by purchasing a Founders Pack – they’re only up for a limited time, and include a number of exclusive items that you won’t be able to pick up once Open Beta arrives.
Finally, to the long-time members of our community who have stuck with us through thick and thin, everyone at Red 5 Studios wishes to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your continued support. Open Beta doesn’t mark the end of our journey, but it does signify the start of a new and exciting chapter for Firefall. Closed Beta may be coming to a close, but trust us – this is only the beginning.

Firefall / Beta Crystite and You
« on: April 17, 2013, 12:32:30 PM »

For those of you that haven't been watching as much and didn't know: they changed the resources so all the resources you had before 0.6 couldn't be used. What you could do with the old resources was changed it into "beta crystite". Until now we didn't have much info on what we would be able to do with this beta crystite other than there would be a shop or shops that would let us buy stuff with it. In the link there they talk about what they plan for us to be able to buy with the beta crystite. Some of it looks really cool. I have probably looking forward most to the exclusive warpaints and LGV.

For those that can't go to the site or don't want to:
Greetings, testers!

By now, you've all heard the mantra, probably multiple times: “Firefall is a true Beta,” “we make Firefall better by listening to the fanbase.” This new methodology for making a game is only possible because of you all – the testing you do and the feedback you provide is invaluable to the process. We simply couldn't improve the game in the way that we want without all of you in our fantastic community.

Throughout any iterative process, there are going to be times that old systems are tossed out to be replaced by the shiny and the new, but one thing we at Red 5 never want to do is to diminish the value of your time and energy, because we know it's being spent to make the game better (and hopefully have some fun along the way). When it's possible, we'll do a direct translation from the old system to a new system (like keeping your XP from the old progression system to the new), but sometimes (like with the recent change to resources) that type of translation simply isn't possible. When that's the case, we want to do something that shows that we really do value your time.

Thus... Beta Crystite.

So let’s answer a few of the more common questions you guys have asked about Beta Crystite.

What can I buy with Beta Crystite?

Glad you asked. Beta Crystite is going to be used to unlock a number of exclusive rewards. Things like:

1 hour +50% resource collection boosts
Exclusive warpaints
PERMANENT 5% resource collection boost
PERMANENT 10% resource collection boost (significantly more expensive and does not stack)
T.E.X. Pet
The “Angel Wing” glider pad, with new glider wing visuals.
An exclusive LGV (yes, that's right!)
More stuff (we have other ideas that we want to add, but we'd rather over than under deliver)

The Beta Crystite LGV is just the first LGV that we want to deliver as a reward for player effort – the plans to build a craftable LGV continue, but we also thought it'd been too long that players had to buy a commander pack to have their own LGV. This LGV will have an exclusive warpaint that won't be seen again.

To hold you over, here are some screenshots to give you a taste of these rewards: [screenshot of the T.E.X. pet, "Angel Wing" glider visuals, and the Cobra Cycle (LGV) without paint]

How do I get the rewards/Beta Crystite?

There will be a vendor that sells the Beta Crystite items (we'll announce who and where when we release the patch notes). We're hoping to get this vendor into the game ASAP, so it may not have all of the rewards when it first gets added to the Beta. We'd rather get the rewards rolling out than wait for the complete list to be ready to go.

Collecting Beta Crystite is a matter of processing your old resources at the manufacturing station. However, we also realize that someone might end up short for one the item they really want, so we'll also be adding a recipe that allows you convert current crystite into Beta Crystite.

Is there a time limit?

The vendor will sell the items until the beginning of Open Beta, so you'll have until then to buy any or all of these items.

I hope this blog answers the more pressing questions that you guys have had. Of course if there’s something that we missed, you can always drop by our forums and ask us – we check them almost daily, and answer what we can. Thanks for reading, and see you in-game!

Torchlight / Torchlight II Playing together (again)
« on: April 04, 2013, 09:11:53 AM »
So now that GUTS is out and TL2 has Steam Workshop to allow for easy modding I was thinking maybe we could try to play together again. A lot of the issues I had with it (mainly the small inv space) can be modded out now I will probably keep on playing. Also with the Synergies mod on Steam Workshop any of the people that didn't want to mess around with the game files can now play that.

So I say we all install at least the Synergies mod (Link here: ) and Bigger Inventory (all of us are hoarders) (Link here: ) and start playing together.

Path of Exile / Links to helpful resources
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:59:12 AM »
So yesterday I was asking in the hate box about a list of rewards for the quests for each class. No one had one. Guess what I found one. It is even up to date with this patch for the most part (make sure to read the key). I was just going to make a thread to share it but I thought we might as well make one for all useful links.

Quest rewards for each class and difficulty:

Accuracy table:

The official PoE FAQ (most of you probably already know about this but it can't hurt to post it):

Unofficial wiki:

I know there was a map at one point to show how each zone connected to the others so if anyone has a link to that or any other useful links post them here.

Path of Exile / Patch notes for the open beta are out!
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:30:38 AM »

Also for those that don't know OB starts in about 6 hours 30 min from posting this. You can see the countdown on their home page

Here is a copy of Patch Notes in case you can't go the the forum or don't want to.

Version 0.10.0
As part of the process of entering Open Beta, we have wiped all characters and reverted them to level 1 so that their names are retained. All items have been destroyed apart from the Unique prize item "Demigod's Presence" and Kiwi pets. There will never be another character or item wipe.

The City of Sarn, Path of Exile's third act, is now available! It includes 21 areas based on 8 new tilesets, 18 completely new monster types and over 90 monster variations.
Added Quicksilver Flasks, a type of utility flask that increases movement speed by 40% for five seconds. A Quicksilver Flask is now available as a reward from the Medicine Chest quest.
Added Amethyst Flasks, a type of utility flask that increases chaos resistance by 35% for 3.5 seconds.
Added a new Keystone Passive - Zealot's Oath: Life regeneration applies to energy shield instead of life.
Converted to Keystone Passive - Ancestral Bond: You can summon up to 1 additional totem. You can't deal damage with your skills yourself.
Added a new ring base type - Prismatic Ring, which grants all elemental resistances.
The Punishment curse has returned after being disabled for a long time.
The Molten Shell used by Goatmen has been given new art.
Further improved the randomness of the Pools and Streams area.
Added two new Unique items, one of which was designed by a Diamond supporter and one which will be given out as a prize for winning races.
We've updated the art of bows in the game, including the item models that are held by characters.
Removed the recently added waypoint from the River Crossings and moved the Vaal Ruins one to a random location in that level.
The Eternal Laboratory is now available in Act Three rather than Act Two. You get access from Lady Dialla.
Names of rare monsters have been improved.
Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects, environments and sound.
We've added a new Map tileset (based on The Docks) and have changed the overall ordering of Maps.
The following Map areas have been updated so that they're substantially different in layout to before: Spider Forest, Jungle Valley, Waste Pool, Dry Woods, Cemetery, Mine, Underground Sea, Bog, Plateau and Dunes.
Merveil now uses new custom (purchasable!) art for her Cold Snap skill.
There have been no changes to PvP in this patch. It is still accessible from Act Two Normal (level 28 cap where you can't have entered Cruel difficulty) and Act Two Merciless (Open PvP). In the near future we'll revamp it to add more level brackets and move it to the arenas in Sarn.
Quest rewards have been changed for all classes. There's an emphasis on rare items as quest rewards in higher difficulties.
Added a new ability to Rock Elementals.

Microtransaction Features:
Added a wide range of entirely cosmetic microtransaction items such as dance animations, more pets, and weapon and skill effects. Check out the shop on for a complete list!
Typing /dance will use the appropriate purchased microtransaction from your microtransaction stash.
We've added support for Premium stash tabs which can be purchased on the website. Once one is purchased, you can rename it and change its colour as often as you want by right clicking on it.
You can upgrade a standard stash tab to premium, which upgrades the first available standard tab. Our initial pricing allows the upgrade at a discounted price just in case you already own a lot of standard tabs that you intended to upgrade.
Cosmetic item and skill effects can be applied onto your items or skill gems by right clicking the item in your microtransaction stash then left clicking the item you'd like to apply it to.
You can only have one cosmetic effect of a specific class on an item. For example, you may have a particle effect and a skin change applied to one item, but applying a second particle effect will destroy the previous one.
An item with a cosmetic effect on it cannot be traded or dropped. To trade or drop the item, you need to remove the effect from it.
You can reclaim effects for free (putting them back in your microtransaction stash) by clicking the "Reclaim" button in your microtransaction stash.
For now there's a limit of only one microtransaction stash. We'll lift this limit as soon as possible so that you can buy all the things.

Some areas now have doors which can be opened by clicking them. You can fire projectiles through certain doors.
We've added the ability to render more reflective materials and have updated much of the metal in the game to be appropriately reflective.
There's now an icon on the world map to show when a waypoint is in an area underneath the overland one (for example, in the Sewers in Act Three).
There's now an option on the login screen to save your password between sessions. This can be unticked if you do not want to store a hash of your password on that computer.
Players are now notified via chat when they've taken a screenshot.
Flasks with movement speed mods (and the Quicksilver flask itself) now display an effect on the character to show that you're accelerated.
The roofs of certain buildings and tents in Act Three will fade away when you enter those buildings.
There are now sound effects associated with trading, partying and receiving whispered messages.
Bowstrings now twang visibly when fired.
You can now dismiss the quest-status-change notification with right click.
The Create button on the main menu now takes you to the account creation web page.
Life Regeneration is now shown as a per second stat, rather than per minute.
Monsters now list what elements they are vulnerable to.
The /debug command can't be used to cheat in races any more. Thanks guys.
Chat moderators can now chat in colour.

General Balance:
Chaos resistance is now available on item mods and on the passive tree. It is not included in the "All Elemental Resistances" mod.
The bandit leaders now grant different stat bonuses on each difficulty level. For Kraityn, Alira and Oak respectively, they are - Normal: elemental resistances, maximum mana, maximum life; Cruel: attack speed, cast speed, physical damage; Merciless: maximum frenzy charges, maximum power charges, maximum endurance charges.
The "Chilled" statuses from cold damage and ground ice do not stack any more.
Reduced the life progression of summoned minions (skeletons and zombies). Increased their base life and a small amount of general elemental resistances have been added.
Disabled Diamond flasks until we've rebalanced them properly.

World Balance:
Now that Act Three has been added, we've removed the Ruthless difficulty level and have rebalanced around this new progression.
Merciless content now finishes at level 64. Map content currently progresses to level 75.
The experience penalties on death are now 0% for Normal, 7.5% for Cruel and 15% for Merciless difficulty.
The new player resistance penalties are 0% on Normal, -20% on Cruel and -60% on Merciless difficulty. Chaos resistance is now included and the same penalty applies to it.
Side areas in higher difficulty levels can now be much higher level than the areas they are next to.
We've rebalanced all monster packs throughout the game so that there's a lot more variance in their sizes. This has dramatically improved pacing, as you'll encounter both larger packs of monsters and more suspenseful empty areas before some encounters.
Higher level maps are now a lot more challenging.

Passive Skill Balance:
Chaos Inoculation now grants no additional energy shield bonus. Its complete immunity to chaos damage, synergy with Blood Rage and other skill combos are deemed sufficient upside to counteract the life penalty.
The Elemental Equilibrium keystone passive skill now grants a flat amount (+25%) of resistance to each element you hit with and a resistance penalty (-50%) to each element not present in the hit.
The passive skills that increase elemental resistance while holding a shield have been improved.
Added some chaos resistance nodes to the passive skill tree.
Early projectile damage passives on Ranger area of tree improved to 8%.
Energy Shield nodes have been increased.

General Gem Balance:
The experience curve has been smoothed for gems that start at character level 24 or 31.
High level gems are now balanced to have greater effect than before.
Attack gem damage bonuses no longer taper off towards higher levels but now continue to increase at the same rate.
Reduced the life progression of totems. The bonus for totem life per point of quality has been decreased from 3% to 1.5%.
Skill and support gems now have balance values that go higher than level 20, so that if you get a gem at max level (which is still 20) but have items that increase the gem level, then the skill is more powerful.

Active Skill Balance:
Anger: Base mana cost increased by 10 to 50, increasing by 6 per level instead of 5.
Clarity: Reduced in effectiveness by around 20%.
Cold Snap: Damage significantly increased (40% higher at Level 1, 105% higher at Level 15).
Decoy Totem: Life bonuses per level reduced because it's already very strong.
Discharge: Early levels improved by around 20%.
Discipline: Mana cost increased by 40. Energy Shield granted significantly reduced.
Elemental Hit: Is now player level 19 (was 2) and has had its damage reduced, especially at high levels.
Enduring Cry: The number of charges gained has been reduced at higher levels. It produced the same amount at level 1, and progresses to being 40% less effective by level 20.
Fireball: Damage progression increased - now 14% increased by level 15.
Fire Trap: Now does more damage at earlier levels.
Flame Totem: Added 4% base critical strike chance.
Freeze mine: Improved by 37.5%.
Grace: Mana cost now increases 7 per level, instead of 5.
Haste: Now starts at 6% attack and cast speed and improves to 14% attack and cast speed (and 7% move speed) at higher levels. The mana reservation cost is unchanged.
Ice Shot: Is now level 4 (was level 31). Its mana progression has been changed (it starts at 10 and progresses to 16 mana). The duration of chilled ground that it causes has been reduced by 20%.
Infernal Blow: Now has +25% damage effectiveness rather than +12% attack damage.
Lightning Arrow: Has been moved to level 10 (from 1). Its mana cost and progression have been flattened. The chance to shock has been removed. A damage bonus as it levels up has been added. The number of targets is now always 3.
Molten Shell: Now provides more armour and has had its detonation thresholds changed.
Phase Run: Has been retired to the plane of elemental fire to be reforged anew.
Rain of Arrows: Is now a level 4 Skill (from 10). Its area of effect has been increased by 20%. The delay between firing and arrows hitting the ground has been reduced by 20%. Its Area of Effect gain per level has been reduced and its quality bonus has been changed from Area of Effect to Attack Speed. Its damage effectiveness has been reduced slightly.
Shock Nova: Increased base critical strike chance from 3% to 4%. Mana cost has been reduced.
Shockwave Totem: Added 4% base critical strike chance.
Spark: Once a Spark has bounced, it'll only be able to pierce the same target again if it has been more than one second since the last time.
Split Arrow: Is now player level 1 (was 4).
Whirling Blades: Damage effectiveness increased from 60% to 80%.
Wrath: Base mana cost increased by 10 to 50, increasing by 6 per level instead of 5.

Support Gem Balance:
Additional Accuracy: Improved at higher levels.
Chain: Damage penalty has been increased from -40% to -50% and the number of chains has been reduced from 3 to 2.
Elemental Penetration supports (various): Now have reduced penetration - they start at -16% instead of -25%.
Fork: Damage penalty changed to -30% from -20%.
Life Gain on Hit: Has been improved, especially at higher levels.
Life Leech: Has been improved.
Spell Totem: Now has a 30% cast speed penalty.
Ranged Attack Totem: Has had its attack speed penalty reduced from 50% to 30%.

Item Balance:
Unique items have been rebalanced (mostly up) in power. We've also changed defensive values on low uniques to generally just be a static bonus, rather than a large percentage that only affects that item.
The level that the currency item drop rate penalty now treats all players above level 68 as 68 (this used to be level 63).
Chaos resistance mods are now available on items.
The attribute requirements for armour pieces and gems have been increased.
Cartographer's Chisels now drop from level 52+ monsters rather than 45+.
Vendors in Act Three have previously unsold currency items available, such as Orbs of Alchemy.
Granite Flasks now grant 4000 armour on use, not 10000.
Block rate mods have been added to the mod pool for shields.
Critical multiplier mods on weapons are now global, not local, so that if you have it on one weapon, it'll affect all skills, not just attacks with that weapon. This means that they are no longer multiplicative with the rest of your critical multiplier values.
The following support gems have been moved from level 15 to level 12: Faster Projectiles, Added Cold Damage, Additional Accuracy, Added Lightning Damage, Increased Critical Damage, Minion Life, Weapon Elemental Damage, Life Gain on Hit, Iron Will, Chance to Flee, Fork and Added Fire Damage.
There are now new item mods that go up to item level 77.
Medium Life and Mana Flasks have had their drop level reduced to 4.
The Adrenaline flask mod has been moved to level 5.
Mods that increase the levels of socketed gems of specific types by two levels have been added.
A mod that increases the level of any gems socketed into the item by one level has been added. This can stack with one of the other gem level mods for a total bonus of +3 levels to a gem.
The mods that affect the level of elemental gems socketed into the item can now spawn on caster weapons other than wands and staves.
The maximum flat energy shield that can be gained on an item has been reduced.
The life regeneration on Coral Amulets has been improved.
Life regeneration item mods have been improved.
Item rarity mods reduced by around 20-25%.
Item rarity can now spawn as both a prefix and a suffix on the same item.
Rarity mods on uniques have generally been increased.
Flat armour mods on individual pieces have been changed to be as good as flat evasion mods.

Monster Balance:
Merveil's second form has been given new abilities. This fight will be improved later.
The accuracy penalty has been removed from ranged monsters because of the change in 0.9.12 where you can avoid their projectiles by running out of the way.
Skeleton casters have had their damage reduced in the early game and increased in the late game.
Hailrake's damage has been reduced slightly.
Monster Viper Strike damage has been lowered.
Blackguards in the Western Forest have had their life increased.
The totem mod for Maps can now spawn totems that use Lightning Warp.
Monsters now gain 15% physical and elemental resistance per Endurance Charge, rather than 20%.
Elemental skills of monsters now do more damage in higher difficulties.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug where you could create too many characters on your account.
Fixed a bug where rerolling items would not result in them having mods from families they used to have.
Fixed a client crash related to Lightning Warp.
Fixed a bug where rerolling items wouldn't reduce their level requirement.
Fixed a bug where scouring a flask would remove its level requirement.
Fixed a bug where specters and other minions would lose their implicit mods when they travelled between areas.
Fixed a bug where your speed would not change when using Shield Charge to travel through ground ice or ground tar.
Fixed a problem with energy shield percentage mods on armour being too high.
Fixed a targeting bug with Lightning Arrow.
Fixed a bug with Conduit and unpartied players in the same instance.
Fixed a bug where chilling monsters or cursing them with Temporal Chains could prevent their attacks from succeeding.
Fixed a bug where a monster's minions would vanish if you shattered the parent monster.
Fixed a bug where pathfinding problems could cause certain projectile skills to not fire at all, rather than firing into a blockage.
Fixed a problem with evasion related to Lightning Strike.
Fixed a bug where it was difficult to pick up items or open chests near enemies.
Fixed a bug where rounding errors could cause minions to spawn as dead when you change areas.
Fixed bugs related to items being picked up in the wrong order if "Key Pickup" was enabled.
Fixed a bug where traps and remote mines would not show the arrows flying into the air when using Rain of Arrows.
Burning Arrow is now properly affected by the Point Blank keystone passive and the Chin Sol unique item.
You can now interact with objects in town if you have an item on the cursor. This fixes the problem where if you accidentally closed the stash while you had an item on the cursor, and you couldn't place the item into your inventory or back into the stash.
Fixed a bug where the login window would overlap with error messages beneath it.
Fixed an instance crash related to totems.
Fixed a bug where the minimap would move to the left and right if you used the arrow keys to swap between vendor tabs.
Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for stats in the character panel so that you can scroll while the mouse cursor is over the stats.
Fixed a bug where the Vaal Oversoul could emerge inside walls.
Fixed a bug with the rendering of certain world object names at the edge of the screen.
Stats that increase damage taken now affect all degeneration damage, not just chaos damage. They also apply to damage that hits your energy shield, rather than damage that only hits your life.
Fixed a bug where minimising the game by clicking on the task bar entry wouldn't mute the sound, when "Mute when in background" was set while playing in windowed fullscreen mode.
Fixed a bug where you could add Piety to your friends list.
Fixed a bug where a queued client could be disconnected and wouldn't know about it, forced to wait an eternity alone.
Fixed a bug where you could not target chests with the Leap Slam skill.
Fixed a bug where penalties to projectile speed would make the projectiles move super fast.
Fixed a bug where manually opened panels would be automatically closed by other panels.
Fixed a bug where the social panel could be opened while your character was dead.
Stun duration bonuses specific to weapons no longer apply to spell/secondary damage.
Skills like Ice Nova that don't have a target now don't hide monster health bars while being cast.
Increases to physical damage taken now apply correctly to physical degeneration (such as damage from Puncture).
Fixed a bug with Rain of Arrows where monsters that run into the targeted area from outside while the arrows were in flight would not be hit.
Fixed a bug where Ground Slam displayed a fixed duration despite being based on weapon speed.
Fixed a bug where gem levelling sounds would stack and create a very loud sound if multiple gems became ready to level up at the same time.
Attack skills that can be ranged or melee, such as Frenzy, will now be disabled with melee weapons while supported by ranged attack totem, trap, or remote mine gems.
Fixed a bug where some sounds would play at the wrong height.
Fixed a graphical bug where some entities would not have their outline shown while selected.

Other Games / Wizardry Online
« on: November 22, 2012, 11:53:07 PM »
official site:

Beta key giveaway at there are about 450 keys left at the time of me typing this:

Looks like it could be good. I am in beta and just downloaded the game so I will tell you guys what I think.

Edit: Oh wow looking at the forums it seems like this is a hardcore type of game. PK is allowed just everywhere it seems.

Edit2: read my 2nd post before playing.

Path of Exile / They changed the look of the website.
« on: November 02, 2012, 12:11:29 AM »
For the lazy people or people that don't have it book marked (if you don't you should bookmark it right now)

It looks a lot better than it did before.

Even if you aren't a fan of Star Wars you will probably care about this.

News article summing things up.

In case you think it isn't true this is the official press release from Disney:

One thing I do know you guys will probably care about is this (from The Verge article):
Disney itself said it will focus more on social and mobile gaming than developing games for home consoles, but left open the door for licensing Star Wars to other game developers and publishers.

So what are your guys thoughts on all of this? Is this good news, bad news, or do you not really care?

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